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I don’t always get to post on this particular blog of mine but I have been crafting for 9 weeks straight now XDDD Β So this particular project was started some time after lunch and I finished before dinner. Β It’s my long overdue Totoro hat!

For those of you who are not familiar with Totoro, you have to watch the animated feature Tonari no Totoro! (Well, it is also known as My Neighbor Totoro.) Totoro is an interesting creature and there’s even a catbus. Join sisters Mei and Satsuki as they go and have adventures with Totoro. XD

Totoro hat

I used acrylic yarn for this project and mostly double crochet stitch. I originally thought of making it with single crochet but I thought that it might be too hot for comfort in the Philippines. Single crochet would give it a fabric that’s more dense but I thought that maybe a more loose type of crocheted fabric makes more sense. I’d have to try wearing it on regular days to assess that. For the ears, I used a soft kind of wire so they don’t always fold down right away.

Will I sell Totoro hats? Possibly. If I have enough grey yarn, that is. πŸ™‚


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Obssessed with Fonts

Or typefaces. If we get nitpicky about it now, then I’d never finish writing anything. XD

Anyway, I’ve been fiddling around with the layout of my Crafty Cat account on Tumblr. I’ve found a theme I like, and a typeface I like, as well as a color scheme that suits my taste. And so I ended up putting to use my rusty CSS skills. It’s been a while since I seriously made any layouts to the point of implementing them using HTML and CSS. Anyway, fiddling around with Tumblr and Disqus made me appreciate the use of Google’s font directory and @font-face.

Right now, I really love these typefaces:

  1. Lobster – It’s so retro and yet so readable.
  2. Philosopher – It looks so clean.
  3. Gothic Ultra OT – A calligraphic style which I also want to emulate in my handwriting! I kid you not.
  4. Titillium – Sans Serif. Simple. Yet there’s a hardness to the shapes of each letter. A little blocky, I guess?
  5. Josefin Sans – But I think it looks better if it’s on print. Hmmm. Something I must check out.
  6. Qlassik Medium – I also like how it looks. If I were to write with this typeface, I’d use a broad-nibbed pen.

I’ve downloaded the @font-face kits of Lobster and Philosopher. Using Google’s font directory entries requires me to edit the HTML and include a <link> tag but I can’t do that for Disqus. Thankfully, fontsquirrel.com has a generator one could use for creating an @font-face kit when needed.

The typefaces I’ve linked to above are really just gorgeous. I could go on and on about how much I love them, but of course, each person has his/her own choices. Maybe I’d find other typefaces to love in the future. But for now, these six typefaces are enough for me.

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My first crochet hat

It is attempt 1.5 because the first one failed due to the lack of available yarn. My fault for not buying enough ~_~ Anyway, I ended up making a different hat instead of the one in the pattern because I think I screwed up how a series of steps was supposed to be like.

the hat - a work in progress picture

the hat – a work in progress picture

top view of the hat (when worn)

top view of the hat (when worn)

top view of the hat (upclose)

top view of the hat (upclose)

side view of the hat

side view of the hat

me wearing my own hat

me wearing my own hat

So despite me screwing up with the instructions — that or my stitches are that bad — it turned out ok, as far as I am concerned as it’s something I could wear anyway. πŸ˜€ My first project! Yay!

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This afternoon, JM and I decided to meet at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Before that I was just looking for drawing supplies when I decided to check out the games sold in National Book Store. Near a wooden checkers set were boxes of Talecraft cards. I have seen them so many times in various cons but I never got myself a set until today. Wanting to try something new, I decided it could be a fun way to spend an afternoon.

So I got myself something to drink and then started checking out the cards while waiting for him. Talecraft basically has the following types of cards:

Talecraft cards

  • genres – the type of story you’re supposed to be telling; examples: romance, sci-fi
  • archetypes – the characters in your story; examples: reluctant hero, siren
  • key – key things needed in your story.
    • keywords – could be anything like objects, places; examples: church, lock of hair
    • plotlines – certain twists in the story; examples: revenge, pursuit
    • pick – you need to follow what it says in the card. it would usually tell you to pick another card type
    • swap – you need to follow what it says in the card. would usually mean swapping out one of your cards of a particular type with a new one from the deck.

Each player has to get 1 genre card, 2 archetype cards of which one will be the protagonist and the other the antagonist, and 6 key cards. Now if a player gets pick or swap cards among the key cards, then the player must do as the card says.

JM's turn at talecraft

I started writing a story when JM showed up and we decided to play the cards. It was interesting really, because there was a time when I got 3 pick cards which all said pick archetype card. I ended up with a story of 5 characters! We ended up telling several stories and it was interesting to hear JM make thrillers and mystery stories. He seems to have something in his head right away. As for me, I am terrible at making horror and thrillers. There were moments when JM suggested to me how I could improve my stories. Once he even suggested I ship the twin brothers instead of making them rivals because that is an even more forbidden love than one of the twins marrying the daughter of their employer! Haha! I like JM’s historical fiction set in the time of Lapu-lapu with Pintados and all. And this is one of the times I wish I recorded our stories. XD Oh well, maybe another session?

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I learned something new today from “Controlling the width of SELECT lists”:

Combine CSS and the width attribute of the tag.

Example from the webpage:

<select NAME="foo" WIDTH="300" STYLE="width: 300px">

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Almost everything? Hahaha.

When you love someone, you take the good with the bad. Though there might be funkiness like that thing about Evolution as a dependency (which I think is sucky, btw) and that there really are so many *buntu varieties out there, I love using Ubuntu and I haven’t changed distros yet.

I also love the fact that Ubuntu’s name is, well, Ubuntu. Which means humanity in African. And it reminds me that Linux is made by people for people. People who want to make their choices and let others know about the choices they could make, especially when it comes to software freedom.

I might not show up high on the radar of tech bloggers who use Linux and love it and I don’t really have that much community participation these days but still, I try to spread the Ubuntu love whenever I can. Because it’s just so great, if you ask me πŸ˜€

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  • I don’t have to resize the windows in Openbox when I am moving them from one screen to another on extended monitor setup.
  • There’s apt as a package manager so most of the software I need is downloadable right away — well, as long as the internet access wherever I am is fairly good.
  • I could try recovering data with a Linux live CD!
  • If so needed, Linux has fantastic distros to choose from. It could have all the apps you need and even more.
  • Linux comes in free dvds, cds and downloads:D And I could just keep sharing them.
  • I can choose to switch to another Linux distro and not have much trouble adjusting to it.
  • We can has penguin mascot! XD
  • There are some great deals in terms of UMPCs now. And they run Linux πŸ˜‰

I might just be biased but, srsly, I still think that Linux is one of the coolest things I’ve encountered in my life. Along with Pinky:St dolls, poi, Japanese fashion and cooking. πŸ˜€

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