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More poi spinning

I’ve been trying to get my poi groove back. It’s not easy after a long time of not spinning poi. My moves aren’t as polished as they were. And it’s not like I know a lot of moves either. Argh. I think I have forgotten some of them already. *tears*

Here are some of my current poi moves:
Reverse Weave
Reverse Butterfly
Alternating Butterfly
Thread the Needle

The moves on my current learning list:
Reverse Buzzsaw
Reverse Thread the Needle

I suppose Reels should be basic moves but it’s been ages. Yikes! I really should practice more. Also, one of my poi sets needs to be repaired. The atom ones are broken. Well, one of them. This is a reminder that I should really have brought the sock poi instead of the atom ones at the office. I am considering rushing to Greenbelt 1 tomorrow to get a new set of Planet Zips poi from Tickles so I could practice again. *sigh* I wonder where were my old blue and yellow ones. Those were quite nice to handle actually. The sock poi from Speevers are cheaper but they don’t look as reliable as the ones from Planet Zips.

Don’t expect any videos yet though. I still suck at spinning poi and I have no choreography whatsoever.


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During poi class tonight, I was able to learn the fountain and the reverse corkscrew. 😀 😀 😀 Can I say that I am happy, happy, happy?!

The fountain is essentially the following moves:

  • upward weave
  • windmill
  • downward weave

If you start from the right, you do an upward weave then a windmill then a downward weave. After that open up your downward weave to transition to the upward weave on the right then do the windmill then a downward weave.

But if you start your fountain from the left, you have to do a reverse windmill in the middle. Argh!

That is why Ramir had to teach me the reverse corkscrew and windmill tonight. He wanted to make sure that I could do the reverse windmill in the middle if I start from the left.

After practicing the move without the poi, I was able to make my body move the make a reverse corkscrew and windmill! Happy happy joy joy! XD

Some also taught me a trick that would help me practice the fire fairy move! She was so frustrated with the move before but after some time of practicing with that trick she was able to do the fire fairy and its variations. XD I will try practicing that trick. I don’t know how to describe it so that will be for another post.

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Sir Igs, the pyromaniac

One of the people who I really look up to when it comes to developing all sorts of skills is Sir Igor. When I was in college I thought he was one of the cool profs who didn’t make his students feel bored to death. He was my prof in at least 3 major subjects. I am not sure if I was his student in more classes. I might have to ask Trebs, Marj or Tyran about that. From the classes to his love for anime and J-rock, now I look up to him because of his poi skills. He makes his own fire poi and apparently, even his own LED staff. (Waaah! Inggit ako. Seryoso.)

Anyway, check out his new videos. One shows off his use of the fire staff and his LED staff (both are homemade) and the other shows him using his fire diabolo.

I haven’t mastered the poi yet and I have to practice my reverse weave and overhead weaves. I am still sloppy with those two moves. 😦 And yeah, all the reverse butterfly moves kill my arms too. Waah!

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Overhead weave

Last night I was taught the overhead weaves from the left side and the right side. It was harder for me to learn the overhead weave from the right for some reason. My planes are wrong and so it looks really bad. 😦

I have been practicing the overhead weave earlier. I guess one of my weakness is my upward spin. It’s the foundation of the reverse weave and that’s where the overhead weaves start from. Aiya~ Ramir even asked me to practice certain movements just so I could get used to it.

One other thing I realized is that my footwork is bad. I am off balance when I turn. I must observe myself better when I spin poi so I won’t be thrown off balance.

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