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  • worsted weight yarn (Cotton Ease, old rose)
  • button
  • white thread


  • crochet hook 7/0
  • needle
  • yarn needle

How this was made:

Row1: Chain 6, sc in 3 chain from hook, sc in the 3 other chains. Chain 1, turn.

Row2: Sc in each sc. (4 sc)

Row3: Ch3 turn. In first sc, nake a puff stitch. Puff stitch on each sc. (4 puff stitches)

Row4: Ch1. Sc on top of each puff stitch. (4 puff stitches)

Continue by alternating Row3 and Row4 until you get the desired cuff length. Your last row must be all sc, not puff stitch so you could add a buttonhole.

Button hole: Slip stitch on top of previous row’s sc. Slip stich on second sc. Chain 6 (or the length that will let you lock the button. Slip stitch on the next 2 sc. Weave in the ends. Sew a button on the other end of the cuff.

Wear your cuff or give it to your friend. Have fun! πŸ™‚



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Because my sister loves Hiyama Kiyoteru SO MUCH and that it might take forever before there’s an official doll/plushie/other similar merchandise, I thought it would fun to make an amigurumi of him. πŸ˜€ I haven’t seriously ever made amigurumi except this rectangular cat plushie that JM and I gave a friend’s baby. Anyway, my sister bought flesh-toned thread this weekend and so I got started on Saturday night and I just finished a while ago.

Amigurumi: Hiyama Kiyoteru (close-up)
Say hello to Hiyama-sensei!

My inspiration was the song Megane. *lol* But of course. That is part of his appeal. I played the song over and over so that I could really motivate myself to make his amigurumi. I looked at these tutorials for inspiration and instructions:

Nerdigurumi‘s pattern of Legend of Zelda’s Link:

I like the proportions of this doll. But I mainly got the idea on how to make the doll from this one. Especially the head. I followed the instructions on how to make the head. But because the doll I am making has removable clothes, I just got the main idea from here as well as other general resources on amigurumi making.

Geisha-Neko‘s guide on making removable clothes for amigurumi:

There are guides on how to make Geisha-Neko’s DA account. One is for making a removable shirt for amigurumi. The other is for removable pants for amigurumi. Kiyoteru has a shirt and a coat so it’s like you’re making the removable shirt twice. Except that in my case, I made the snap at the back of the white shirt instead of in front. It’s because I think it would look cleaner this way.

Wire-rim glasses from Cut Out and Keep:

At least there’s a relatively simple guide out there. It’s just that I have no small rectangular shaped thing at home to use as a mold for his glasses.

My sister seems happy to have this doll πŸ™‚ She even made the headphones from the Magnet video already. She’s that much of a fangirl πŸ˜‰ As for me, I could say that amigurumi is fun to make but quite tedious. It’s very fussy because of the details you have to put and the different parts that you have to make. I guess I shouldn’t have made the clothes removable so that I wouldn’t have found it too tedious. As for the hair, there are many ways to put hair on the doll but my sister thought that using felt is the better option. Because she loves this character more than I do, I made her do the hair so that she could get it right and according to her liking. This doll is a labor of love.

More pictures:

Amigurumi: Hiyama Kiyoteru (full body)
full body view of Hiyama Kiyoteru

Amigurumi: Hiyama Kiyoteru (removable shirt)
remove his shirt off with a snap (literally!); the blue thread is for his necktie

Amigurumi: Hiyama Kiyoteru (coat removed)
coatless sensei, wearing a short-sleeved shirt a.k.a. the summer look

You’re probably wondering about the pants, they are removable but removing his pants seems to fanservice-y so no pictures of that. :p In any case, I made his legs with shoes at the tip so that I don’t have to worry about removable shoes always getting lost because they’re too small.

So I’m probably going to make amigurumi again soon. Maybe Vocaloid Megurine Luka the next time. πŸ˜€ But will she have removable clothes? I am not yet sure. It depends if I feel lazy or not.

(Note: All pictures here are hosted on my flickr account. If you’d like to view their corresponding flickr pages, just click each of them.)

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Kiyoteru Hiyama – Megane



My sister has converted me into being a fangirl of Kiyoteru Hiyama. He is a teacher wearing glasses kind of Vocaloid. Argh. I mean, fine, his character’s cute. It’s just that the songs I’ve heard before weren’t really that nice. Until she made me listen to Megane and I searched for the video. I am amused she hasn’t seen the video before considering she’s been listening to Kiyoteru since I don’t know when.

I will try to make a Kiyoteru crochet plushie. She has to get me flesh colored thread so I could start soon. XD

For now, enjoy the video.

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My own crochet roll/case

Finally, a roll/case for all my crochet hooks. And maybe additional two more πŸ™‚

I’m tired of having separate cases for my crochet hooks. The Hamaka set came with their own, so did the Susan Bates Silvalumes. And I have two more hooks that have no cases because I bought them individually. I carry along my crochet projects more often compared to my knit ones so it’s really necessary to have my own case. I saw several styles of crochet hook cases. A lot of them sewed, but some were made using crochet. I chose the path of the sewn.

I mostly followed the guide: roll-up crochet hook case tutorial. But instead of 1.75 cm pockets, I made 2cm ones. I also did not use bias tape/piping so it’s all plain around the case.


  • Pockets for each crochet hook.
  • Pocket for scissors.
  • Pockets for yarn needles.
  • Foldable top part to secure the hooks in the case.
  • A ribbon long enough to tie the roll/case.

The good:

  • We have plenty of cloth at home. Whenever my sister goes to Divisoria, she buys all sorts of cloth. After all, you never know which ones you’d use for cosplay. And we live far from Divisoria so it’s easier to stock the cloth and use them later on.
  • We have plenty of ribbons. Same reason as above. If the ribbons weren’t from Divisoria, it’s from VC Trading or Carolina’s.
  • There are plenty of patterns online. Aside from the link I shared above, there’s a pattern for the clutch style crochet hook case.
  • I’m a bum right now so I have time to do this.

The bad:

  • I forgot about the pocket for the yarn needles.
  • My sewing isn’t that good. Uneven lines. FTL.

The ugly:

  • The pocket for the darning needles looks MEH. I’d just use it as a place to pin the needle holder. I plan to make another case for my knitting needles, etc. I have only one set of yarn needles

True enough, this doesn’t take an entire day to finish. You just have to be patient about measuring and cutting the cloth. Even sewing newbies like myself can make these.

More pictures:

The crochet roll/case when it’s completely open.

The case/roll when it’s closed and secured by this black ribbon.

For bigger versions of the images, just click them to get to the Flickr pages they belong to.

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Baby shoes and a new coaster

I’ve been really busy making hats, hats and more hats! My Flickr set will show that. XD In any case, I got a request from my friend if I could make baby shoes. She likes the ballet type of shoes. So I searched for patterns for baby shoes I could use as basis.

So after a bit of searching, I found these cute baby shoes. The pattern is for mary janes but I thought that if I didn’t add the strap, it should be a fine enough basis for baby shoes, ballerina style. And I was right!

The baby shoes without the ribbon. Not yet, that is.

Aren’t they adorable? I don’t have ribbon at home so I’d have to get some tomorrow or before I give them to my friend. I just added 5 chain stitches to make a slot for the ballet shoes’ ribbons. Because I used variegated yarn, I could buy peach, cream or light blue ribbons. The next time I make them, I might use two strands of cotton thread instead of just one. Oh well. Now I know better. πŸ™‚

Because the thread was just too cute, I decided to make a coaster for myself using this thread. πŸ˜€ I have a booklet with patterns for doilies and coasters. I’m still not totally used to reading patterns using the marks instead of the words. But I have no choice but follow the diagram because the booklet’s in Japanese. The coaster wasn’t that bad. It’s quite usable. πŸ™‚

See? It’s not so bad. It’s really colorful!

Also: I finally made one of my notebooks into a yarn and thread scrapbook so I could remember which ones to buy and how to care for items made using them. After all, each kind of yarn or thread will have its own quirks.

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When I learned about the new branch of Saizen in Trinoma, I just had to go there myself and see the goodies. XD In Galleria, I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of items. In Trinoma, there are a lot of things but it’s not that overwhelming compared to Galleria.

So one Sunday when my sister and I met up with PJ for time to catch up, we dragged her to Saizen. And she was the one who first spotted the crochet and knitting booklets. At the time I bought two. The amigurumi one and the crochet booklet.

Crochet knit
It says crochet knit but it’s really crochet and more crochet. XD I really like the scarves and hats in that booklet. The cloche looks quite intimidating because there’s a part that you crochet over the finished hat. So the embellishments are all crocheted too.

The amigurumi booklet has patterns for different creatures but I love the panda here. And the patterns are not in spirals but rounds which are joined by a slip stitch. It looks like a good reference ^^;


The other two booklets, just got them over the weekend. I couldn’t resist after a trip to Saizen in Ali Mall because of the 58 peso small skeins of yarn which have three colors and are bulky. Argh! I want to crochet and knit so much these days!

So speaking of knitting, I decided to get the other two booklets. The knitting booklet has a moss stitch scarf which I’d like to make, as well as hats! Hats are awesome but it has cables so I am not sure I could make the hat already. 😦

This is what the knitting booklet looks like:
Stick needle knit

And lastly, the small article knit/crochet booklet. I found the tawashi cute and well, there’s a bag pattern too!

Small article knit

All these booklets cost 85 pesos each. So far I just saw all of them in Trinoma but maybe Galleria has them too, hopefully. My friend Jonette said she saw big knitting needles in Galleria. Weird. I don’t recall seeing yarn and knitting needles in Trinoma. I should go check out the Galleria branch soon.

That will be all for now because I need to sleep. XD

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Playing with More Yarn!

I’ve always liked hats and knowing how to crochet them makes it easier for me to make my own. It’s just a matter of having enough yarn πŸ˜› My stash of is mainly that of acrylic and wool or acrylic and cotton mixes. I already used up my big skein of Bernat handicrafter yarn for my backpack. I am looking for ways to increase my stash of cotton yarn for greater happiness. I want to make cardigans as presents for my family and friends. Or bags. Which reminds me: I ought to buy those balls of jute rope so I could make a bag. If I don’t end up using it, I’d sell it or give it as a present. My first bag was a backpack. It deserves an entire post of its own because of the many lessons I learned when it comes to crocheting. Especially since this one needed lining.

I learned how to make popcorn stitches already and PJ Punla shall be pleased when I show her the beanie I made out of the Cotton Ease yarn she sold me. πŸ˜€ A new pink hat for me! A beanie this time. πŸ™‚

My current flickr set of crocheted projects should be enough to show you that I am addicted to crochet. However, I originally started learning knitting from the awesome Jonette Valenciano first and what mainly put me off was frogging. It was too intimidating. She’s awesome so she could pull it off but I really can’t. So I got myself 2 books yesterday. Knitty Gritty and Knit & Stitch. Both of them are aimed towards beginners. πŸ™‚

So in the coming months expect gifts made out of yarn. XD

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