Hooray for featured blog entries. I love CraftGossip.com and I get all sorts of ideas from the posts there. The blog entry I wrote about using cute colored marshmallows as cupcake frosting got featured. Check out the entry on CraftGossip: Marshmallow-topped cupcakes!

And yes, I do have a separate food blog because some people prefer only food posts. I write about my kitchen experiments and other food that I like on Tabemashou!




  • worsted weight yarn (Cotton Ease, old rose)
  • button
  • white thread


  • crochet hook 7/0
  • needle
  • yarn needle

How this was made:

Row1: Chain 6, sc in 3 chain from hook, sc in the 3 other chains. Chain 1, turn.

Row2: Sc in each sc. (4 sc)

Row3: Ch3 turn. In first sc, nake a puff stitch. Puff stitch on each sc. (4 puff stitches)

Row4: Ch1. Sc on top of each puff stitch. (4 puff stitches)

Continue by alternating Row3 and Row4 until you get the desired cuff length. Your last row must be all sc, not puff stitch so you could add a buttonhole.

Button hole: Slip stitch on top of previous row’s sc. Slip stich on second sc. Chain 6 (or the length that will let you lock the button. Slip stitch on the next 2 sc. Weave in the ends. Sew a button on the other end of the cuff.

Wear your cuff or give it to your friend. Have fun! 🙂


Obssessed with Fonts

Or typefaces. If we get nitpicky about it now, then I’d never finish writing anything. XD

Anyway, I’ve been fiddling around with the layout of my Crafty Cat account on Tumblr. I’ve found a theme I like, and a typeface I like, as well as a color scheme that suits my taste. And so I ended up putting to use my rusty CSS skills. It’s been a while since I seriously made any layouts to the point of implementing them using HTML and CSS. Anyway, fiddling around with Tumblr and Disqus made me appreciate the use of Google’s font directory and @font-face.

Right now, I really love these typefaces:

  1. Lobster – It’s so retro and yet so readable.
  2. Philosopher – It looks so clean.
  3. Gothic Ultra OT – A calligraphic style which I also want to emulate in my handwriting! I kid you not.
  4. Titillium – Sans Serif. Simple. Yet there’s a hardness to the shapes of each letter. A little blocky, I guess?
  5. Josefin Sans – But I think it looks better if it’s on print. Hmmm. Something I must check out.
  6. Qlassik Medium – I also like how it looks. If I were to write with this typeface, I’d use a broad-nibbed pen.

I’ve downloaded the @font-face kits of Lobster and Philosopher. Using Google’s font directory entries requires me to edit the HTML and include a <link> tag but I can’t do that for Disqus. Thankfully, fontsquirrel.com has a generator one could use for creating an @font-face kit when needed.

The typefaces I’ve linked to above are really just gorgeous. I could go on and on about how much I love them, but of course, each person has his/her own choices. Maybe I’d find other typefaces to love in the future. But for now, these six typefaces are enough for me.

2010 in review


Worked on an old project again. What a way to start the year, right? 🙂 But it was interesting, having a different aspect of the old project right before my eyes. It was also the time that I got to work with other people. By the end of the month, Jonette taught me how to knit. Sacha was also home last January and even shared home-made chili jam with us.


My birth month! Lol. I watched Rent with my dear JM ❤ Also had dinner with the PMBAs and our friends from work.


I started learning how to crochet. JM was the one who bought my first crochet hook from Dreams. Lol. And there were other things that I learned that got me really depressed and I think it was the time I knew I had to do something. Time for a change, so to speak.


The month went by so fast. I was deep in another project which challenged my skill in coming up with prototypes of screens that are going to be used in an application. It was fun despite the difficulties.


This month was my transition from my previous company to a newer one. Quick turn of events? Yes, but there were circumstances that led to the decision. It was also the month I got to spend more time with Chelle and Josh because I stayed in their place during that time. And Tali Beach! PMBA friends and I went bonding in Tali Beach. Fun times while drinking and sharing all sorts of stories. I even cooked after our all-night-long drinking session wahaha.


It was the beginning of my overtime at work because of SQL-related stuff. JM was patient enough to teach me a lot of SQL stuff on weekends. Crash course in SQL! It is his birth month too XD Dale and Evelyn got married in June. They looked so awesome in their outfits. Evelyn was in a Queen Amidala inspired gown ❤ Their vows made me cry, actually.


JM and I celebrated 5 years of togetherness ❤ However, this was also the month when Glenn (one of our close friends) left the country for work. Shane also celebrated her birthday in the same month. At least we were able to spend time together eating in Wan Chai one Saturday afternoon in July. Diane and Mark’s baby was christened that month too. Bebe Reibel was adorable ❤


Things were going insane at work, well, for me that is. But I had time to unwind with friends in Punta Fuego. I was frequently in the south around that time of the year, methinks.


I was getting sick frequently, probably due to stress. My headaches were terrible. The doctors couldn’t really find anything seriously wrong because the headaches were mainly tension headaches and were muscular. It was also the time I seriously read a whole lot of Inception fics hahaha. One of the fun moments in September was Peppy’s birthday. That evening was pretty fun because I met some of his friends who also love Merlin. 😉


The start of my hiatus from work. Decided that it was time to give it a rest. I started to crochet, knit and cook a whole lot more. I caught up with some tv series I was watching and some recommendations from friends. I was practically a hermit. XD Well, I did go out to WordCamp and Cosmania X! I cosplayed Canada ❤


I was cramming for a bazaar in Cubao X. I spent the second half of November crocheting and knitting like crazy. Teng and Emir dropped by and even taught me how to bake 😀 I also celebrated World Usability Day and went to Komikon — where I got to see the awesome Tepai Pascual again. I think it was November when I watched Till My Heartaches End with Kel — and that was simply because my curiousity got the best of me. Lol.


The first weekend was spent in the bazaar. I thank Cat for sharing the space with me and just sharing her stories because I learned so much. My friends dropped by too and bought from us! Yay for customer friends XD

This month, JM was also in Viare’s production of "12 Angry Men" where he was acting as Juror Number 8. Another production I saw was "Isang Panaginip na Fili" – it was a treat from my sister 😀 I also got to spend time with friends out of town some time before Christmas. Oh and I changed my Tumblr account’s layout for my online craft and brand related blog – Crafty Cat – so please take the time to visit it 😀

What’s in store for me in 2011? I have no idea. But I think it will be an exciting one for me because there are some things cooking right now but you’d just have to wait before I tell you.

People are looking for alternatives.  But wait. Yahoo! PR says they're not shutting it down after news got leaked.  Instead, it sounds like they're going to sell del.icio.us.  At least, that's what it says on this TechCrunch article on Yahoo's move re: delicious. After seeing LiveJournal change over the years, I can't just sit here and wait for Yahoo to finally decide on what it truly wants to do to delicious.  I've used delicious since 2004 and I've got 4000+ bookmarks so I've been looking for alternatives.  

So far, trunk.ly is the option that let me import my bookmarks quickly. Though for some reason, it only saved 3,900 of them.  At least that's what the message on the sidebar said.  And I'm trying to sync it with delicious but the screenshot shows that it's experiencing syncing problems. Lol.  That's what happens when people are frantic, I guess.

Zootool took forever to sync and diigo — for some reason, I just couldn't sync my bookmarks there so I don't know what's going on.  Maybe later when I'm done downloading stuff, I'd trying syncing with diigo again.

So maybe I should be happy that delicious is here to stay.  Until someone grabs it and makes a mess of it, I guess.  That or until I've decided on any of these things I'm trying out right now.

Try the following if you want to back up your bookmarks and move over:
Google chrome plugin for exporting del.icio.us bookmarks to Chrome organized bookmarks https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/pngpaohmgmbakgjnkgkldpihdmjokinj?hl=en-US

Cinnamon cookies

I made a batch of cinnamon cookies today based on this cookie recipe which is supposed to be a copycat of Mrs. Fields' cinnamon cookies. I love how it tastes haha. I added more cinnamon though.  Because I find our cinnamon powder a bit weak.  Some of the cookies at the bottom-most rack in the oven were a bit burned though.  But most of them turned out just fine.  It's so nice to learn how to bake.  Despite the weirdness of our oven, everything I baked today was pretty good.  That also includes the pasties I made today.  

This is a test batch.  When I meet up with some friends next week, I'd be giving these cookies as gifts. 🙂

On product development

Joining the bazaar a couple of weekends ago made me think about product development in general. You never really know which products will truly click with people unless you get to know your market better. It’s kinda hard to experiment considering your budget for materials and time. You might have a fair idea of which colors to use or what material suits your target market’s needs/wants, etc. but getting the right mix – I think that’s what I need to study more.

I’ve mainly worked in software development teams who’ve gone through iterations to finish projects as required by clients. I haven’t gotten any experience on product development per se except for the hats and stuff I made for the bazaar, for my online shop Crafty Cat. And I want to experience it more. Not just for the Crafty Cat, but for software too. I think that the nice thing about developing products is that you could play around with a lot of things and you could innovate based on your analysis of the market. With consulting gigs, you could innovate too. But you’ve got your client to please and there are times when you suggest innovation, they balk at it instead of hearing you out or they think about the averse effects of the innovation. I guess it’s because for them they think they can’t absorb the risk. But if you’re developing the products on your own, you have to absorb the risk by yourself. High risk, high yield — a choice you could take.

Honestly, I am low risk kind of person. It’s just that there’s always an itch to create and not be at the mercy of one person who will stop the creativity. If you develop something, there’s a chance that others will see that you’re creating something special, something awesome. Or if it gets ignored, you’d realize that maybe it’s for a very special type of market. And it’s something you could only find out if you try and experience it for yourself.