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I don’t own one. I just happen to be one of the members of an Asian Team in the Great LC-A Race and so I got a chance to use the camera for a little over a week. I didn’t get it immediately from the shooter before me. Anyhow, here are some shots I really liked from the set:

just waiting
Just Waiting
Feet against a post. Probably the most boring subject but the lighting makes it dramatic. To think I only shot this with Lucky Color ASA 200.

Greenbelt 3 lights.
Funky Christmas lights in the park. I love Greenbelt 3 park and it was nice that JM and I were able to take photos in the area.

looking at ninoy
Looking back at Ninoy.
JM just happened to be standing and I thought it would look great in a photograph. So here he is looking back at Ninoy.

Ayala Pedestrian Crossing in front of PSE

We have already crossed the street from Philippine Stock Exchange. Then it dawned upon me that the afternoon sun might look good from the middle of the road, where the yellow rails were. And I was right. JM and I both loved the shots we took in that area.

But now that I’ve seen the other contestants’ entries, I see that there’s so much more I have to learn when it comes to taking pictures. I need to find the story in a scene. That’s what’s making it artistic.

Anyhow, I realized that the LC-A isn’t so special to me. Maybe I am weird. I just love my Vivitar UW&S, I guess? But yeah, it’s nice that it does have metering, and zone-focusing. But I’ve had terrible shots because I forgot all about the zone focusing. Or maybe I am really just not used to it. But for the hefty price tag, I am not sure if I’d be willing to spend for it. I’d like to borrow one again because it’s really lightweight. If it’s a camera for me, probably not. A digital camera would be better bang for the buck in my case.


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