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I don’t always get to post on this particular blog of mine but I have been crafting for 9 weeks straight now XDDD  So this particular project was started some time after lunch and I finished before dinner.  It’s my long overdue Totoro hat!

For those of you who are not familiar with Totoro, you have to watch the animated feature Tonari no Totoro! (Well, it is also known as My Neighbor Totoro.) Totoro is an interesting creature and there’s even a catbus. Join sisters Mei and Satsuki as they go and have adventures with Totoro. XD

Totoro hat

I used acrylic yarn for this project and mostly double crochet stitch. I originally thought of making it with single crochet but I thought that it might be too hot for comfort in the Philippines. Single crochet would give it a fabric that’s more dense but I thought that maybe a more loose type of crocheted fabric makes more sense. I’d have to try wearing it on regular days to assess that. For the ears, I used a soft kind of wire so they don’t always fold down right away.

Will I sell Totoro hats? Possibly. If I have enough grey yarn, that is. 🙂


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