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I’ve liked Up Dharma Down since I saw their video “Pag-agos” on tv. I was very intrigued because I didn’t see any credits during the first time I saw it. Until the day that no one told me it was Up Dharma Down, I had no idea. “Pag-agos” was interesting not only because of that, but it was the singing, the lyrics and the overall feel of the song that got me hooked.

After that I started hearing their other songs on the radio too. I think that from Fragmented, their first album, I heard “Maybe,” “We Give in Sometimes” and “Oo” 🙂 The last one seemed to be quite popular. Must be because a whole lot of people could easily relate with the lyrics of the song. A song talking about a person’s love story. Not necessarily a happy one at that.



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Sir Igs, the pyromaniac

One of the people who I really look up to when it comes to developing all sorts of skills is Sir Igor. When I was in college I thought he was one of the cool profs who didn’t make his students feel bored to death. He was my prof in at least 3 major subjects. I am not sure if I was his student in more classes. I might have to ask Trebs, Marj or Tyran about that. From the classes to his love for anime and J-rock, now I look up to him because of his poi skills. He makes his own fire poi and apparently, even his own LED staff. (Waaah! Inggit ako. Seryoso.)

Anyway, check out his new videos. One shows off his use of the fire staff and his LED staff (both are homemade) and the other shows him using his fire diabolo.

I haven’t mastered the poi yet and I have to practice my reverse weave and overhead weaves. I am still sloppy with those two moves. 😦 And yeah, all the reverse butterfly moves kill my arms too. Waah!

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