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Remember the pictures I posted of Urbandub? Here’s a chance for you to win a pass to the Urbandub’s online concert. Here are the mechanics.

1. Post any of the Official Teaser videos or posters on your blog / social network.

2. Include a link to http://Pelicola.tv/AliveOutThere on your post.

3. Leave a comment on this blog post with the link to your post to validate your entry.

4. By May 3, I’ll be raffling off AOT online concert passes to 4 lucky fans. Great way to spend the week with your rocker friends!

It’s that easy! But if you can’t wait ’til May 3, be one of the first to witness Urbandub’s First Decade online concert starting April 23 for only 60 Pesos. Purchase a passkey by texting ALIVE60 URBANDUB to 2363 then log on to www.pelicola.tv/aliveoutthere to enjoy the concert! (International viewers can also purchase a passkey via Credit Card)

So just follow the instructions and I’d be posting the winners by then. 🙂 I am excited to see the full concert soon and I hope you are going to watch it with me soon.

Thanks to Pelicola.tv, Globe Tattoo and especially to Urbandub for ten rocking years!


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Last week I had a chance to go to the taping of Urbandub’s first decade’s online concert. Thanks to Pelicola.tv and Globe Tattoo for making it possible. 😀 It was an awesome night of watching them perform. I was only able to get one somewhat decent snapshot before my phone’s battery heated up terribly.

My boyfriend, JM, has better pictures of Urbandub on his flickr account. Here’s one of Gabby:

Image credit: JM Ibanez

And a picture of Lalay:

Image credit: JM Ibanez

If you’re a big fan of Urbandub, then you better wait for my post regarding this event. It’s coming up this April. I’d definitely let you know how you could view the online concert, etc. For now check out the other bloggers who also went to the taping. They took really great pictures.

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This year (and last year) as well I’ve gone to several gigs of groups and bands I started listening to. And there are local artists whose works have prominently been on my playlist. I mean, I think I’ve been mainly on a Korean electropop and Vocaloids binge while I’m at work but aside from those, I’ve been listening to the following Filipino groups pretty often. If you’re following me on Plurk, you’d notice how many times I write about Up Dharma Down, Urbandub and Taken By Cars. :p On to the list.

Up Dharma Down

No doubt about it, the group Up Dharma Down really got me hooked on them. It’s the combination of the lyrics, Armi’s voice, the way they combine the sounds of their instruments and whatever effects they use. Armi’s voice is just sooo awesome. Whenever I listen to Up Dharma Down I can’t help but feel the ups and downs of being in love. Whether it’s as if you’re floating on a cloud or your heart has been torn and thrown away and run over, they make it easy for me to feel all these things with their songs.

Most listened to tracks from Up Dharma Down’s albums: Sugarcoats and Heartbeats, Sana, Taya, Every First Second

Taken by Cars

I probably love them because of their upbeat songs. With this group I am baffled at how girly Sara Marco can sound and yet in some tracks she sounds, well, a bit androgynous to me. When it comes to live performances, I can’t help but enjoy how much energy Sara has when she dances. I really like watching them live. So far.

Most listened to tracks: Uh-oh, Shapeshifter, Neon Brights


Why do I love Urbandub? Amidst the electronica I’ve been listening to, Urbandub simply stands out. Haha. Well, when I’m getting out of the electronica binge I usually follow it up with Urbandub. I think that their music contrasts well with how smooth a lot of Clazziquai and Humming Urban Stereo’s songs are. When I want something that’s more rough than my normal listening music, I instantly listen to the songs from their earlier albums. Their new album has some songs with lyrics which could be interpreted in more than one way.

Most listened to tracks: A New Tattoo, A City of Sleeping Hearts, Soul Searching


I used to not like Razorback. Mainly because the band was all the rage in high school aside from Wolfgang. I wasn’t quite into their sound back then. I think high school for me was defined by Color It Red, Side A (yes, I listened to Side A and I used to have the tapes), Joey Ayala, Eraserheads and Sugar Hiccup. Anyway, some co-workers and I went to the Eastwood gig of a radio station. Jam, I think. Razorback was there to perform some songs. They were simply AWESOME. I got the 2-disc thing they’re selling in record bars. And I ended up *cough*downloading*cough* their greatest hits album. I was happy to see them in another gig in Saguijo last June.

Most played tracks: Giyang, Payaso, Paghihintay

Anyway, here are two groups I’m watching too:

Techy Romantics

I think my friends and I first saw them in the Taken By Cars video launch. They were upbeat and more into electronica, the type I liked so I ended up watching out for their gigs and their album. Locally, I don’t really know many groups that have that electronica vibe that’s just right to my ears. (Drip’s trip-hop is pretty different too that’s why I love them!) They make me feel like dancing when I hear them so that’s one good thing, as far as I am concerned. Anyway, Dondi Virrey’s DJ set was pretty good when I went to Rock the Riles this year. They had their album launch last week and I was lucky enough to get my CD signed by all three of them. Haha. Fangirl mode. Aside from that, I’m looking forward to remixes of some of their songs.

Fave tracks in the album “Touch”: Out of My Mind, Get It On, 7 Years, Dance Like Lightning

Us-2 Evil-0

This group is fun to listen to. I love the way they play with words especially in the track “Mikey is the New Mong” *laughs* And then there’s the song, “Super Poke is Nothing Compared to True Love” which is quite interesting in the way Mich and Quark sounded like they overlap. Then again, for me, that’s the overall sound of Us-2 Evil-0: everything overlaps. Maybe like the way thoughts run so fast in our heads and tumble upon each other. And that’s why it’s fun to listen to them.

Fave tracks in the album “Dirty Debutantes”: Super Poke is Nothing Compared to True Love, Mighty Heart Attack, Our Weekends Dissolve, Mikey is the New Mong

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Yesh, I am binging on Vocaloid songs. Not exactly a big fan of Hatsune Miku. I think she’s cute and all but I’m becoming more and more addicted to the voices of Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka and Gumi. I really love the songs I’ve found on YouTube and I ended up searching for more on NicoVideo.

Now I am looking for more songs. Ack. Yes, it’s becoming an addiction I guess. I don’t even watch all of their videos. I just listen to the music mainly.

I guess what’s addicting about these Vocaloids are their upbeat songs. They do have slow songs too but it’s the fast ones that I love more. Some of them you could really dance to. At least I have them to perk me up, right? This kind of music seems to help me work too.

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I need all kinds of music to fuel me throughout the day!

Sometimes I listen to classical music. I blame Nodame Cantabile for that.

Sometimes I listen to Pinoy rock. Sometimes OPM ballads. Acoustic stuff by MYMP, et al.

Sometimes I like electronica. Shibuya-kei, chill out, and so on and so forth. I even have some Korean electropop songs.

I could also listen to rock. And pop.

There’s jazz too. And bossa nova.

Sometimes songs from J-drama soundtracks get me going.

It’s all so different, the way all these songs sound like and it depends on my mood which of these sets of songs would actually help me through the day.

Right now, I am contemplating on saving up for some Japanese CDs. Maybe Brilliant Green and Tommy February 6 or Tommy Heavenly 6. All I know is that I need my music fix!

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