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Bambino and dolce

Dolce, or sweets, are yummy and pretty-looking food all the time!

As they said in Bambino, there’s something about dolce that makes a person smile even he’s not particularly fond of them.  In the episode, Ban was assigned to help out Oda-san who had a biking accident so his arm wasn’t quite fine.  In any case, it was difficult at first but Ban was determined to learn from Oda-san and they actually got along eventually.  I love the ending of the episode but I won’t tell you what it is 😛 Just watch it! 😉

The nice thing about episode 8 is that it shows us a greater appreciation for dolce. If you are fond of eating cake, you’d even notice how each bakeshop would have a different way of serving cake (sometimes with syrup), etc.  Also, the toppings on the cake could be quite amazing!  I recall last Friday, when we ate at Cheesecake Etc., I was amazed at how their Dome Cake looked like a gift!  A very pretty looking cake and it was yummy as well.  I could just imagine how precise the measurements are of that cake’s ingredients and the temperature involved in the process of preparing it.  I can’t help but smile 🙂


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Now there’s a J-drama series called Bambino! which is based on a manga that chronicles of a young man who aspires to be a chef specializing in Italian dishes. 😀 Ooooh~! And the lead actor is Matsumoto Jun! *SQUEEEEEEEEE!*

Check out Bambino! on the d-addicts wiki.

I have watched 3 episodes already and I can’t help but love the show! Oooh! It inspires me to become a better cook. 🙂 I know I am slow and may have unnecessary movements in the kitchen so this is awesome, awesome, awesome! Maybe it’s a good show to get ideas for bento 😉

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