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I haven’t been playing with my Pinky:St dolls as much as I used to. For one thing, my table at the office is always a mess. And I mean it. Cables everywhere! There are also bigger toys on my desk: The dancing cow that some friends gave me on my birthday, the teddy bear speakers from JM, the first Manikako doll I sewed, the cute doll Joshua gave me and Krauser II. I miss my cute little dolls though.

At home, my sister has played with the dolls in a comic she submitted for a contest. It was cute! I wish I could post it here but I’d have to ask her permission. I’ve got so many dolls already after a year of collecting frantically. Haha. I was really looking at Ebay listings and buying regularly. But I haven’t collected everything yet as some are not very interesting to me and some are very rare and expensive.

Haaay. I really should play with them more often because I really think that they can’t stay in the boxes forever. I am still thinking about the newer dolls, if I should still get them because they are cute. But if I can’t play with them and show them the love they deserve, it won’t be nice. 😦

I plan to take their pictures again soon. Must think of ideas so that my dolls will really have fun too. XD


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I am posting pictures of my dolls wearing glasses!

snarkier than Evil?
Maki – I am likely to call her Mao in the coming days – looks really cute in glasses, I think πŸ™‚

my glasses are the coolest~!

Sun (a Sumire doll) looks like a cool geek girl in this photo because of the funky pink hair and half-rimmed glasses that I so love about the Yuki Nagato doll.

I also took their picture together with my own set of glasses!
megane girls

Aren’t they so adorable! I am so glad to receive the PK006B I ordered from Ebay. Glad to have found it. It was a lucky find though one of the arms on the Player shirt has been coming off. Oh well. One can’t be too lucky, I guess? I don’t mind because I know that there is a way to fix that. πŸ™‚

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fangirls of grey

I think it’s my fault why three of my girls have a crush on Grey. And Grey is Kaoko‘s Tae Yang doll. Kao, one of the reasons I got even more interested in Pinky Street dolls happens to have cute Tae Yangs (Grey, Seiji and Junpei) and Pullips (Aki and Sachiko). The photobook Boys of Summer came out already and I happened to download a copy.

Arc says:

Is there a way for us to meet Grey in person? I’d like to hear him play the guitar and sing.

Ohara (I have to name her yet) says:

I could just stare at him all day, really. *sighs*

Rie says:

Hmmph. Why haven’t you printed out a doll-sized version of the Boys of Summer? You don’t want us to have a copy for ourselves… *looks accusingly at me*

My dolls should be happy that they see a bigger version of Grey on my laptop’s screen. πŸ˜€ Then again, nothing beats having a photobook to ogle at while they’re at home and chilling with the other Pinky:St dolls.

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Am getting a Rui repaint! Wheee! I won her on an Ebay auction.

Actually, I am considering getting a Sumire face from someone selling her on Flickr. I already have her alternate clothing. Maybe I won’t like her school uniform much anymore. Dunno.

I got an Ohara face + her alternate clothes today. Marj and I split the Ohara pack this afternoon. Ryan and Nina were both there and were showing us other Pinky stuff. Need monies!!!!

Anyhow, I am just happy that Rui repaint is coming home to me and that I have an Ohara face now πŸ™‚

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The Pinkies meet my very first Stikfas

I couldn’t help but think that they’re saying these things:

Rie (Rui): Meet Betty, our new friend. She’s a Stikfas.
Tanya (Tamae SL): Uh, hi there, Betty. I hope your joints are ok.
Rylee (Reina): You sure look bendy…
Tami (Tamae): What’s a Stikfas?
Betty: …………….. *sweatdrop*

I couldn’t help but get a Stikfas tonight. I am feeling nervous about Friday morning so I just have to have something to quieten my nerves. The girls are really awesome and they look cute but there’s something charming about a small Stikfas which has joints you could move and play with. And you could also mod a Stikfas into whatever you want so it’s that kind of thing which makes me go ballistic and buy one. I almost bought two tonight but maybe next pay day. A regular Stikfas is 199 pesos in Hobbes so it’s definitely cheaper than any Pinky Street doll. Unless we’re talking about fakeys ^^;; I kinda want the ninja one but it’s ~400 pesos. I still want other pinkies and I need to buy materials for accessories I want to make and I am planning to buy copies of Inkheart (which I heard is really good). Also, Stikfas seem like a good thing to help us draw people in various poses because of their joints and how flexible they are. I’d mod Betty but I still have other projects in mind ^^;

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Reina and SL Tamae join my Pinky Street girls

At long last, after putting dibs on them, I got Reina and Super Lovers Tamae from Rotch! I met her at Toy Con and I also picked up Risa for Marj.

I wasn’t really thinking about getting Reina because there’s a Reina in yukata and I wanted to get that Pinky more than I wanted to get Reina. However, I need her face and hair for something. And I wanted to make my sister’s Akito wear a matching orange jacket for his pants. I don’t want to see him in the straight jacket all the time, you know. As for SL Tamae, she’s really cute. I wish I could buy all the Super Lovers Pinky Street dolls but I just got my Aya and paid for the two other Haruhi pinkies, Yuki Nagato and Tsuruya-san.

I am loving the SL Tamae a lot. ♥ I am bringing her to work tomorrow, as well as Tamae. So the four Pinkies who will accompany me to work are: Rui, SL Tamae, Tamae and Reina. πŸ˜€

Anyhow, I had fun taking pictures of the new girls in my sister’s room, against the manga and books on her more organized shelf.

SL Tamae and her shadow

Reina and her shadow

Both pictures show each Pinky Street doll with her shadow. πŸ™‚ Reina is going to be named Rylee while SL Tamae will be called Tanya. She and Tami are twin sisters. ^_^ But I could still tell them apart because Tami has the thicker outline around her eyes.

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JM’s currently in LA. Previously he was in New Jersey and he’s been to New York too. He has some pictures on Flickr while travelling with Mishka (PK018). πŸ˜€

Mishka at the station Standing outside I wants!

And of course, JM and Mishka have a picture together. πŸ™‚ But Mishka is just so small ^^;;

JM and Mishka :)

I envy Mishka for having the opportunity to travel with JM but it’s easier for her to travel with someone as she could really fit in the bag, literally. ^^;; I haven’t been able to travel except one trip to Mindanao when I was 9 and some trips to Baguio and Tagaytay and field trips. Outside the country? Nope. Not even once. Mishka beat me to it. XDDD

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